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Paradisul turistic - Gura Portitei

To get to Gura Portitei, tourists have to drive almost 300 km on the road from Bucharest to Jurilovca, further having to take a passenger ship or a motorboat to cross the Golovita waters.

Here we are in a safety zone, a place where the tentacles of the transition are not able to get you.

The company Piscicola Tour SRL Tulcea invested more than 1.1 million euro to build up a three-star tourist based complex placed in Gura Portitei, a settlement placed 50 km South from Tulcea. The so called "Eden" holiday village owes almost everything for joining most prestigious world wide travel agencies catalogues. The location where the "Eden" complex is placed has preserved its natural charm since the beginning of the world, when the very first He and the very first She crossed over the neck of sand between the Golovita Lake and the Black Sea.
The accommodation solutions fit every exigency. Those looking for absolute comfort, can find in here a three-star complex, meaning three villas with 33 rooms affording their own hygiene facilities, air conditioning, modern furniture, hot and cold domestic water, each of these rising to European standards. Prices are accessible, especially relating them to the isolation of this wild corner, calm and peaceful as in the beginning of the world. Tourists are invited to taste famous fish dishes, assuring the good name of this place, in the mean time being served at the holiday village restaurant amazing dishes from the traditional Romanian cuisine. This restaurant deserves a central position in Bucharest rather than its location, in this corner of the world, felt in the nick of time. There is also a wide range of recreation facilities, from daily trips on the Danube channels to renting rowboats, motorboats, hydro bikes, ski jets, tennis and volley grounds. Any information you are interested in, concerning the beauties of the Delta or our offers of spending your time will be provided to you right away by the qualified personnel of the complex.

So those eager to enjoy peace, fresh air, crystal clear water, open space as you wish, and a very tasty fish lying in your plate, are invited to visit Gura Portitei. This blessed place is fulfilling the dreams of each urban citizen, willing to get rid of pollution nowadays, hoping to find a proper place to run away from the maddening daily noise, and forget about everything in this isolated and new-born universe corner.

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